About us


Shooting club is founded in 2007. Headquarters are in Inđija, Miletićeva ulica 23b. Founders are Radić Radovan and Đačić Dragan, both have big passion for practical shooting. Radovan, president of the club, was member of CD “Mladost” from Inđija. Dragan, vice president was member of KS “MUŠ” from Belgrade.

Gun range

Gun range BEGLUK is located in Novi Slankamen. Gun range was made on old brick factory land. GPS coordinates are:

  • Latitude: 45°07ʹ12ʺ
  • Longitude: 20°13ʹ35ʺ


Club is member of Serbian Practical Shooting Alliance. Club was organizer of State championship for practical shooting on 17. and 18. July 2010, 90 local and fooren competitors took place on championship.


Club is organizing trainings in safely weapons usage and practical shooting. Gun range is equipped with metal targets, moving targets, target carriers and paper targets. Range has 11 stages 15×20 meters.